Definition of Vector

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We can say vector is a mathematical quantity which has both magnitude and direction. We can represent the vector by a letter with arrow above it (a ? ) or we can represent by bold letters (a). We know the examples for vector; those are velocity, acceleration, etc. We know the vector is in the form

Problem 1: If we have two vectors u = 5i + 8j and v = 8i + 3j then find the addition of vectors.

Solution: Step1: The given vectors are u = 5i + 8j and v = 8i + 3j

=> Step2: we can addition of vectors as, u + v = 5i + 8j + 8i + 3j

=> Step3: We can simplify this and we get the resultant vector u + v = 13i + 11j. 

Problem 2: Find the magnitude of the vector v = 4i + 3j.

Solution: Step1: The given vector is v = 4i + 3j


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